Southeast Capital Landscape 2019

The southeastern U.S. produces 20% of American GDP and is home to half of America's fastest growing cities. In addition to 84 Fortune 500 companies, 15% of the wealthiest Americans and six leading American universities, more than 2,335 startups called the Southeast home (as of 2018). Yet, despite economic stability, a rapidly growing talent pool, and public-private emphasis on innovation, only 5.3% of 2018's record-breaking venture capital funding found its way into the region.

Together, we set out to create a living and breathing resource to help connect local startups with funding opportunities in the Southeast. We seek to drive founders and funds to look beyond their own city limits and consider the collective potential of a collaborative Southeast (#BuildInSE). New industries and emerging business models require access to diverse capital sources made possible by cross-regional connectivity.

View the Southeast Capital Landscape here.

For this project, we defined the Southeast as a collection of states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia. This report is a high-level illustration of the Southeast Capital Landscape that seeks to outline key organizations, investors, and trends throughout the region. Data was aggregated and analyzed from PwC MoneyTree Reports, BIP Capital, Crunchbase, and self-reported by accelerators, entrepreneurs, and investors from within the region.